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Our BCWLC Team

President – Amy Robichaud 

Vice-President – Kate Zabell

Recording Officer – TBA

Communications  – Francesca McDowell  

Finance – Caprice Barbour

Membership Chair – Dianne Perrier

Organization ChairLynn Warburton

Policy Chair – Amelia Trachsel

Directors at Large Nahanni Pollard, Robin Goldsbury, Alexis Middleton-Taylor,  Kristen Blake, Ilana Baxter, Carolyn Jack, Stacey Piercey

Immediate Past Co-Presidents – Margo Metcalfe, Caprice Barbour

Constitution Chair – Sandra Loren

NWLC PresidentKara Levis

North Shore Affiliate President Betty Escott

EDA representatives – to be advised 

BCWLC representative to Seniors’ Commission – TBA
BCWLC representative to Youth Commission – TBA
BCWLC representative to Aboriginal People’s Commission – TBA