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Roadmap to Ottawa

During the Convention (Whistler 1, 2, and 3 November 2013), we asked you for your insights on the barriers facing women, your knowledge of support and organizational levels available, the risks in running for election, and what some solutions might look like. We know you are interested in a brief summary of the feedback, see Workshop I link below. Our “Successful Nominations” workshop is available in the Workshop II link below. Over the coming months, you will be hearing more while we continue to engage the power of BC women.

Workshop I – 1 November 2013

Workshop II – Successful Nominations – 8 March 2014; International Women’s Day

On The Road Again — Notes From an MPs Life


Plans in development

We understand the challenges of gaining awareness and are developing tactics to increase the value of events, connecting personal “bread & butter” issues to policy proposals and political solutions.

BCWLC is building skills, including the “hows” of searching databases, creating networks of female campaign managers, sharing successes and opportunities for learning. And not to be exclusive to women, many of our current BCWLC activities incorporate encouraging men to support women candidates, in other words creating a united country of women and men who care and are involved.

We are networking with NWLC-CLFN (National Women’s Liberal Commission – La commission libérale feminine nationale) to develop and share training, coaching and mentoring tools. As an example, NWLC is working with the provincial WLC groups to create a living guide (toolkit) to assist women on the road from local to federal MP representation. This guide applies not only to those women who wish to run for election; it will also contain guidance and best practices for riding organization and the furtherance of women’s issues in general.

Your action:

This is just a step in building a solid support system that gets our great women nominees and candidates to Parliament.  We need you as part of the team!  Our growing and increasingly active BCWLC group of women is  focused on four (4) key areas: Candidate Recruitment & Support, Policy, Events and Fundraising, and Communications. We invite you to let us know your interest in joining any of these BCWLC teams.

Contact BCWLC, watch our website for updates. Let us know how you would like to participate with your riding executive and BCWLC in holding townhalls, opinion events and coffee meetings; learning about background functions such as data gathering and entry; utilizing Liberalist; and building the federal Liberal team. Let us help you create an Affiliate group in your area to build on your riding’s support base.

Understand the true benefits and realities of being involved!