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February 2015: NWLC-CLFN Newsletter

June 2014: NWLC-CLFN Newsletter

April 2014: NWLC-CLFN Newsletter

February 2014:  NWLC-CLFN Newsletter

January 2014:  NWLC-CLFN Newsletter

December 2013:  NWLC-CLFN Newsletter 

November 2013:

UBC study concludes women directors beneficial in maintaining firm value in mergers and acquisitions.

Terrific must watch – “A Room Full of Feminists just Applauded a Guy Who Attacked Feminists. Wait for it…

How to … create a workplace that works for women 

October 2013:  October 2013 NWLC-CLFN Newsletter

Recommended read: Fire and Ashes: success and failure in politics, Michael Ignatieff (Random House, 2013) available as ebook and hardcover.

September 2013:

Women in Canada: A Gender-based Statistical Report

Why top management eludes women in Latin America

August 2013: 

“Feminine” Values Can Give Tomorrow’s Leaders an Edge 

Women: Let’s Stop Allowing Race and Age to Divide Us 

Tell me Something I Don’t Know About Women in the Workplace

5 Ways Women Are Better Bosses Than Men

July 2013:

Why You Should Get Involved in Politics

Women Enable Success