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Get Involved

Ways to get involved with the Liberal Party of Canada:

Become a member – Free
–  Have a say in the future of the Liberal Party
–  Take part in online discussions between members and MPs
–  Receive updates on local riding events
–  Enables you to attend national and provincial conventions
–  Enables you to vote on local candidates and national leadership

– Join a team of dedicated Liberals working towards a better Canada
– Gain experience in a variety of different fields
– Network and meet people from the entire Liberal spectrum

Get involved locally
–  Riding associations are the ground level organizations of the party.
–  They are run by an elected executive, all of whom volunteer their time.

Upcoming Events
– There is no better way to get involved with the Party than meeting fellow Liberals.
– The are events occurring all over the province, our up-coming events are updated regularly

Start or join a conversation and help us grow our Liberal Party of Canada network
–  Locally: Facebook
–  Nationally:
–  Twitter:!/lpcbc

Come up with your own ideas
–  If you have an idea or project you would like to propose contact the LPCBC office.

You can direct your political contributions in the following places:
Judy LaMarsh Fund – directing your contributions to assist women aspiring for the House of Commons
Victory Fund
Laurier Club
BC Federal Liberal Electoral District Association – directing your contributions to local BC riding associations
Learn how you can maximize your political contributions tax credit (video)

If you are interested in joining the BC Women’s Liberal Party as either a Riding Association Representative, Director at Large, or hear more about upcoming events, please email