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Get to Know Your Liberal Party

Get Involved

The BCWLC wants to make sure more and more Liberal women are successful when they decide to run for office. We are working to inspire more women to step into leadership roles in the political arena.

Our work mobilizes a richly diverse, critical mass of women to fill the leadership pipeline.

  • Ask a Woman to Run

From one end of the province to the other, the BCWLC invites you to tap a woman leader in your community, or region, to run for, or aspire to, the nation’s top political jobs and other important posts.

This is an opportunity to hurry history, break barriers and mobilize – and to tell a woman you respect that you think she’s member of Parliament material, even a future prime minister  or she has the ‘right stuff’ to run for other important public offices such as school board, city council or provincial assembly.

  • Elect Women by Voting

Voting is the easiest and best way to make a difference. Exercise your right to vote. Find out more about voting at Elections Canada.

Encourage others to vote on Election Day. Drive a friend to the polls, or lend a helping hand to friends with children to make sure they get out and vote.

  • Elect Women by Volunteering

If there’s a campaign going on, consider volunteering for a local candidate that you like. Campaigns need people to call potential voters, put up signs and posters, knock on doors, drop off flyers, fundraise, answer phones, attend and organize rallies and election events. (If you are considering a run for office, the best way to learn about campaigns is to volunteer on one!)

Volunteering is a great way to lead a political life and support each other’s leadership. It can create political opportunity, connecting talented up-and-coming women with established women leaders. Volunteer opportunities equip women with the experience, relationships, and support required to excel in the political landscape. If there isn’t a current campaign, elected officials often need volunteers in their constituency offices to help with organizing and attending events as well as answering phones. Just drop in and see how you can assist.