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What Makes a Great Candidate

Ten Qualities That Make Great Candidates

1.     She’s smart. 
2.     You see a spark. 
3.     She has vision. 
4.     She has a clear set of values. 
5.     She can listen. 
6.     She can talk. 
7.     She’s community minded. 
8.     She has some experience as a leader. 
9.     She’s impressive as a person. 
10.  She’s connected in the community. 

These qualities can be seen at just about every life stage in women – whether they are 22 or 102. Keep on the lookout for these leaders. Our communities are full of women who qualify.

When you encounter a visionary woman, don’t be shy or keep your mouth shut! Tell her, tell your friends and contacts. Ask her if she is interested in political office. Encourage her to look more closely at how she wants to contribute to our cities, provinces, and country.

Then put her in touch with us at BCWLC! We’ll talk with her, encourage her, mentor her and connect her with people who can help get her nominated and elected.

Ten Things You Can Do To Help A Great Woman Candidate Now You Have Found Her

1.     Connect her to the BCWLC for training and mentoring 
2.     Connect her to her local riding association 
3.     Introduce her to your friends and contacts 
4.     Help her define/refine her reasons for running 
5.     Give her your help in your particular areas of expertise 
6.     Find other “experts” to help in areas you and she may not cover 
7.     Start collecting money for her nomination campaign 
8.     Help her build a core group of volunteers and an election organization 
9.     Be a helpful critic 
10.  Be a loyal friend and supporter